Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

At Designworks Tiles we offer a range of formats, colours, innovative textures and finishes and a choice of anti slip products. We use the latest technology and we are constantly seeking out porcelain and ceramic tiles from around the world to offer you commercial products that are both practical and beautiful.

Our in-house technical facility extensively tests products to provide results for pendulum testing, surface roughness measurement, dynamic coefficient of friction test, displacement volume value, determination of resistance to stains and deep abrasion resistance.  

We understand that budget is the heart of many projects. We offer contract products, combining the very best cost effective solutions without compromising on quality and appearance. Our ranges feature a variety of stylish designs for walls and floors, including wood effects, porcelain mosaics, large formats and contemporary concrete finishes. Whichever you are after - subtle details, cool urban trends, ultimate realism or simple practicality, Designworks Tiles has it all. That and a dash of glamour.

Contact our experienced team for advice and assistance with your project, we can be reached on 0203 751 2235 / 01392 473037 or drop us a line at info@designworkstiles.com