Our mosaics come in four styles: Modern, Classic, Natural and Solid Colour.  All feature our patented JointPoint® system (see our brochure for more information) and are made from 100% recycled glass.

  • Night Glow tiles have phosphorescence, absorbing light during the day and glowing after dark. It turns an unlit black pool into an interesting pattern of depth and shape. 
  • Iridescent tiles feature rainbow-like shimmers that add visual interest. 
  • Slip Resistant tiles help prevent slips and trips. 
  • 50mm mosaics are twice the width and height of traditional 25mm, which creates a very distinctive look. 
  • Custom mosaics are printed with literally anything you can imagine. From the Mona Lisa, to company logos, to favourite sports teams (subject to copyright limitations), the options are almost limitless. These can be placed at the bottom of a pool to create a beautiful centerpiece, or on a wall to create a stunning feature.